Terms & Conditions


The Covid Test Package includes 2 Covid-19 test kits, to use while you complete your period of mandatory quarantine at the UK address you specify on your booking.

Each test kit will include full instructions for use and should be with you within 48 hours of your arrival into the UK (Your arrival day is classed as day zero) allowing time to take the day 2 test. Your test kit will be provided by NHS Test and Trace.  For any advice please call them on 119

Once confirmed and booked, the Covid Testing Package is non changeable and non–refundable.

The payment will be made using the card provided at the time of booking the Covid testing package

Please review the booking carefully and ensure all the details are accurate and correct. Please carefully check the correct UK postal address details have been entered to ensure your test kits can be delivered to you. Use capital letters and no spaces when entering your UK postcode.

If you do not receive your confirmation, please check your spam or junk email before contacting the CTM team.

Please keep your booking confirmation / invoice as proof of booking and purchase.

When you book a Covid testing package it means that you have accepted the full terms and conditions of booking.

You must have a confirmed invoice from CTM prior to travel to England and Scotland.

You will received the following 2 documents from CTM;

1) A confirmation –to let you know that your booking is processed (Which will be emailed to you from North.hotels@travelctm.com

2) An Invoice – to let you know your booking has been accepted. You will receive your invoice 24 hours before departure into the UK. The number on the invoice is the number you must use when completing your PLF form. If you do not have this invoice you will NOT be able to complete the PLF. The Invoice will be sent to you from the following address: donotreply@eu.travelctm.com

Passenger Locator Form (PLF)
You must complete this form online before you arrive in the UK. https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk